Stella Chen is a Taiwanese/Australian artist, living and working in Sydney. Her process-led multidisciplinary practice explores the legacy of lived experience with post-memory, intergenerational trauma and resilience. She interrogates the biocultural meaning of belonging for Asian migration in Australia through an alchemical approach, in which she holds space for the nature of transience, ephemerality and vulnerability. 

Her research interests align with environmental feminism and performance art in peat bogs, the materiality of decomposed matter, and their association with the humanities. 

She holds a MArt from UNSW Art & Design, and is currently a MPhil candidate. She was the recipient for Waverley Art Prize 2016, Highly Commended for UNSW Emerging Artist Kudos Award 2015; She has been exhibited internationally, including solos at Stacks Projects, AIRSpace Projects, Sydney. Group Exhibitions at Firstdraft, Cat Street Gallery, HK, Beyond Belfast, Ireland, and the curatorial program “Doing Feminism/Sharing the World” by Prof. Anne Marsh with Favour Economy in Melbourne, 2017 - 2019. She is currently working on two exhibitions in Sydney and Tasmania. 



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